If you’re new to WIP, you might’ve noticed the topics aren’t particularly linked or even similar, and wondered if there’s any method to the madness. Short answer? There is. Kind of.

Firstly, the variety of WIP reflects how I learn, and what I show is meant to be an authentic way to show the chaos I experience trying to develop different skills. I find learning multiple things at once more enjoyable as that allows for variety and a break from different things when I need it.

However in planning WIP, I did come up with 3 principles for any topic I learn about and feature, which are 1) practically useful, 2) fun, and 3) valuable to others. Let’s break down what that means below:

  • Something practically useful means that it provides meaning and value to my life. For example, I want to be multi-lingual because I think it would make me a better doctor. I learn drums as my main outlet for creativity and stress relief.
  • Fun just means that a topic should engage my inner curious kid. This is the one principle that has a bit of give to it because sometimes useful things aren’t perfectly fun.
  • And valuable to others? What I learn and share has to be enjoyable and valuable to people who follow WIP. This is the ‘do-good’ part of the blog - I might do something I enjoy, but if it’s not possible to translate that into something digestible, entertaining and valuable for others, then it won’t be featured.

I fully expect to add and remove different topics over time, and I think that's ok! WIP is not supposed to be about a particular topic, but rather showcasing and sharing the journey of learning and discovery. As long as you as the reader get something out of it, that's all that matters.