New to WIP? Here's a quick guide and summary of what you can find on my blog.


Welcome to WIP (Work In Progress)! WIP is run by Humphrey (me), a 26-year-old medical student with far too much natural curiosity to know what to do with. WIP is about learning useful things, particularly through experimenting, exploring and a self-driven approach (i.e. by drawing on the vast array of physical and digital resources out there).

I started this blog to document my own learning experiences, embrace and normalise the chaotic journey of picking up and improving skills, and to inspire others to pursue their own interests, from side hobbies to serious hustles.

You might be thinking: ok, cool. What content do you actually post though?

Good question. There are 3 ways to understand WIP: through the topics I post (learn) about, the type of post, and the channels through which I share my journey.

The topics I post

Click on each link to explore each topic through WIP's tag system!

  • Lifestyle: Basically an umbrella category covering my attempts at becoming a fully functional adult. Examples include building a cosy rental home, creating a minimalist wardrobe, working on my dream coffee setup, and product reviews. Follow it as you would a traditional lifestyle blog, with a healthy dose of schadenfreude (aka. watching me fail at keeping a simple houseplant alive).
  • Languages: I have a long-term goal of becoming a functional polyglot (someone who can comfortably speak multiple languages). It’s driven by my love for travel and meeting people of all backgrounds, a fascination for how language works, and most importantly, a belief that I could use it for good as a doctor.
  • Drums: I’m a self-taught, amateur drummer and have been playing for the past 10 years. It’s my primary creative outlet and I love sharing the topsy-turvy journey of learning something artistic, and presenting creativity in an approachable, de-mystifying way.
  • Work + productivity: researching, experimenting and reporting different ways to get more stuff done in a healthy and sustainable way, with an emphasis on the healthy and sustainable part.
  • Blogging: where I share my process of building and growing WIP itself. I’m a big believer in transparency and hopefully me sharing my blogging journey helps you!

The type of post

Aside from the actual topic, all of my posts can be sorted according to what type of post they are:

  • Informative: this is your traditional ‘blog’ post, and usually consists of summarised information: for example, my attempts to learn something or a deep dive of an idea I’ve researched. If you want to follow my blog like a traditional blog, follow this tag.
  • Interviews and features: Where I feature or share cool humans, cool channels, blogs, books or other things I enjoy.
  • Reviews: reviews of brands, products and ways of living that I’ve experimented with or tried, hopefully for your benefit
  • Log: where I document my day-to-day process of learning a particular topic.
  • Musings: I share unfiltered thoughts, ramblings and ideas, similar to a diary.
  • Snippets: these are quick summaries of important points: think Youtube shorts.

Socials and contact

Most of my content is posted on 2 channels: my website, and Instagram.

Website links: follow the tag links above for topics or post type.

I have several Instagram accounts sorted by topic: general account (includes blogging and work + productivity topics), lifestyle, drums, languages

I plan to post some videos to my Youtube channel in the future.

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Got any questions or want to say hi? Contact me here.

In Summary

That’s it! Basically, you can mix and match which parts of my blog you follow by:

  1. Following/bookmarking the actual WIP website, either through a particular topic or post type, or just the blog as a whole!
  2. Following my socials, particularly Instagram.
  3. Subscribing to my weekly newsletter.

In the meantime? I’ll keep documenting and sharing my journey of learning. See ya on the other side :)