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I have several Instagram accounts sorted by topic: general account (includes blogging and work + productivity topics), lifestyle, drums, languages

I plan to post some videos to my Youtube channel in the future.

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About WIP and about WIP's creator

About me (Humphrey) and the motivation for WIP

About WIP itself

Why I feature what I feature on WIP


Blog: Sharing the process of building WIP itself.

Lifestyle: Broad topic including everything you'd expect of a regular lifestyle blog, including forays into photography, fashion and budget home reno.

Drums: Exploring my love for music as a self-taught drummer.

Languages: Sharing my embarrassing attempts at foreign languages in my quest to become a functional polyglot (and to inspire others to do the same).

Work + productivity: Learning to work in a healthier, more productive manner. Then sharing that process through WIP.

Type of post

Features: deep dives into cool resources, cool humans and cool brands that I love.

Informative: Your traditional blog post, including features on topics, brand reviews, etc.

Log: Documenting my learning with no filters. Usually on a day-to-day or session-by-session format.

Musings: Random thoughts and ponderings.

Reviews: Any brands, channels, products etc. that I deem worthy of reviewing.

Snippets: Tags dedicated to shorts, reels, or any other word for the short length format that's all the rage these days.