Lifestyle is basically an umbrella term for a bunch of everyday hobbies and ways to live better. Think of your conventional lifestyle blog, just with more of an emphasis on improving things over time, in true WIP style. If you wanted to follow a lifestyle blog without listening to my incoherent ramblings in other languages or my out-of-time drumming, simply bookmark and Bob’s your uncle.

Things that the lifestyle banner includes are:

  • Wardrobe: style and fashion is one of my favourite ways of being creative, because of how individualistic and low-pressure it is. I also like the challenge of building an increasingly personal and well-loved wardrobe as it’s both an essential skill and a good way of staying mindful.
  • Home: playing interior designer and creating a cosy home on a (relatively) student budget. A bit like building a wardrobe, such a useful skill. And as someone who’s moved homes 20+ times in his life, it's something I didn’t appreciate the value of until I started to focus on it.
  • Skills: everything from building more efficient, tastier coffee setups to learning how to care for and not kill my house plants.
  • Photography: the skill that ties everything in WIP together, given that most of the content that people first find is through a visual medium like Instagram.

I find 'Lifestyle' a useful term because it basically pulls together a bunch of different things I find interesting without being passionate enough to focus my whole blog on.

Before the concept of WIP had fully formed, I actually started experimenting with sharing content by taking photos of outfits and other things I found interesting through my Lifestyle Instagram account. This account has since been adapted into the Lifestyle account of WIP.