One of my favourite creative outlets style/fashion, mainly because it's low pressure and I don't have to take it too seriously. I love creative and design-related stuff, and as a former shy kid it was one of the first ways I felt comfortable expressing myself. It's also the topic of my foray into photography where I take snaps of design or fashion-related things.

Both of these things fit the spirit of WIP perfectly because they're enjoyable creative skills that (satisfyingly) evolve over time. For example, when I first started paying attention to how I dressed I tended to go for simple, classic styles in pretty skinny fits from affordable 'basics' brands.

2019 me. In hindsight ... would NOT recommend slim-fitting clothes on your travels. Especially if you sweat. A lot.

Nothing wrong with that of course, but as my style evolved I've become more interested in relaxed fits (i.e. started my transition into future dad) and opted for pieces that typically have more unique features, styling and quality at the trade-off of costing more. I've also found myself taking inspiration from a more diverse range of styles such as streetwear, luxury fashion and classic menswear. I've noticed this trend in most creative things I get into: for example my musical tastes where I started to enjoy a more and more varied range of genres and artists.

2021 me - combining fits and photography as a creative outlet.

Although totally anecdotal, I reckon the journey I just described is a super common experience - first you start paying attention to the importance of dressing well in a general sense, then at a certain point you move beyond that once you've built that foundation. That's where I'm at now: wanting to build a more sustainable wardrobe with pieces that are more unique and personally expressive. (Turns out this whole building a sustainable/high quality wardrobe thing isn't uncommon right now either.) At the moment this involves building a core half of classic pieces and a more experimental half with pieces that reflect my evolving style.

I'll be sharing this journey through WIP: some of the more creative elements through my photography but other things I've often wanted to find answers to, such as reviews of niche brands others might want to try, will be posted on the WIP blog itself. So follow along through my Instagram account or by signing up to my fortnightly newsletter. :)