On paper, having a vinyl setup doesn't seem logical when you live in a small space and splash out the big bucks for a Spotify premium account. But there's just something about having music in a physical format that can't be beaten. Collecting tangible copies of music records and having them on display like wall art speaks firmly to my inner kid. Additionally, they just seem to make any place so much more cosy and inviting. I moved into my current studio apartment at the beginning of 2022 and spent several months building a cosy living space setup (see below), but it's definitely still missing something more personal. As someone who loves music, vinyl fits the bill perfectly. For some reason though, I'd never gotten into vinyl before this - so plenty of scope to learn.

My current living space setup: featuring a vinyl collection-sized hole.

So all this means that I'm going to slowly build and grow a vinyl collection, and share that process on WIP! As far as side projects go, this is definitely a low-key one. But I always intended to show how you can apply the spirit of building and learning things to anything, and this is no exception. On a practical note, I also want to share tips on building a vinyl collection on a budget as I feel like this is one of those hobbies where the costs can blow out very easily.

The first step in this: to make a list of records I'd love to get, and a list of places, markets and other avenues where I can get them. So follow along!