Happy new year!

The very premise of WIP is all about learning things in the name of being the best version of yourself that you can be, often by throwing yourself into the proverbial deep end. As someone who's set a fairly ambitious target of being a functional polyglot by the end of 2023, nothing embodies this spirit more than travelling to places where your target language is spoken. Of course, booking cross-continental flights whenever you feel like it isn’t practical or affordable for most people, but fortunately I've been able to go on a 3-month overseas odyssey that includes some holidaying, catching up with friends and family, and placements for my degree.

Which means only one thing: it's finally time to learn by immersion.

First up: Hong Kong, which means living and breathing Cantonese back in my homeland. As I write this I've actually just left and am now in sunny (but more like wintery at this time of the year) Spain for a week, before heading to the UK for a month and then Singapore for a month (Mandarin?). As I head to different places and get the opportunity to learn and practice my languages, I'll blog and share my learnings along the way.

First up: sharing my experiences of a month of Cantonese re-immersion before 2 weeks in Hong Kong trying to mix it with the locals. Watch this space!